This winter/wild game tablescape was requested by an Instagram follower.

I started a new segment on my Instagram “Ask Jennifer Anything”.

This was a request.

I thought it would be fun to show you how you can create a stunning tablescape that not only works for a wild game dinner, but any winter dinner party or casual get together.

Take away or add as you design it for your own guests.

I also took this idea one step further and decided to create the tablescape using only materials and decor I already had on hand.

This means I purchased nothing.

And, I re-purposed quite a few details.

This tablescape can be used during the fall and Thanksgiving as well.

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The Centerpiece

The winter styled centerpiece with feathers and antler decor - J Dub By Design™
The winter styled centerpiece with feathers and antler decor – J Dub By Design™

Video Tutorial

Additional Details

I styled this tablescape on a round table, but this centerpiece will also work on a rectangular table.

This tablescape will also work for any size gathering, but I set it up as a table for four due to my time constraints..

This decor will also work for a buffet type serving area.

First up, let’s talk about the vessel.

A vessel grounds the centerpiece.

A vessel also allows you to easily pick up the arrangement should it be too tall to see everyone during dinner.

If I had not used a vessel to contain all the details, it would have taken far more time to move the individual pieces if necessary.

Therefore, 99 percent of the time, I recommend a vessel as the starting point for any centerpiece.

A charger….

A bowl….

A wreath……

I typically go with shallow and short – just so it does not overwhelm the table.

Use glass, wood, pottery, anything you find that compliments your theme.

A round vessel works best for a round table.

Rectangular vessels do not typically work well on a round table.

Both round vessel and rectangular vessels will work on a rectangular table.

Then I added in some antlers. Mine are faux and decor.

But, real sheds work even better.

I tucked some feather arrangements into the horns.

These would probably be considered “old world” decor and possibly dated to some.

However, they work perfectly for this themed tablescape.

So don’t be so quick to throw things out that are not “on trend”.

If you love something, think you will eventually have a purpose for it, and can easily store it, then don’t fall for the “throw it out or donate it” method.

If you are thinking, well I don’t have a feather centerpiece laying around, this is exactly my point.

Get creative and think about what you do have available.

Deer sheds? pampas grass? Fruits like pears or pomagranite?

Individual feathers?

Dried artichokes?

Add a vessel and some candles, then call it a day.

I didn’t show this in the video, but later I tucked a tiny gold bird into the feathers of my arrangement for an added touch of whimsy.

You could go even further and use more tiny birds all around the table.

But, these I had on hand want to fall over if laying flat on a table.

So work with what you have.

Or, even buy what you need…….

But, always ask yourself will you continue to use or is this a “one and done”.

I don’t recommend the latter…….EVER.

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The Place Settings

Winter table setting using a mix of china and a pheasant feather - J Dub By Design™
Winter table setting using a mix of china and a pheasant feather – J Dub By Design™

Video Tutorial

Additional Details

I decided to use a mix of different plates.

The first reason is to give you options.

The second is to show that everything does not need to match perfectly.

Each place setting can be different.

By mixing and matching, you will be able to accommodate additional guests without purchasing more china.

Using a variety of place settings will provide an interesting backdrop.

However, you do not need to do this.

Staying with one place setting throughout the table works wonderfully as well.

Do not think you need to incorporate patterns.

If you do not have any themed dishes on hand, white dishes are your friend.

In fact, I recommend the first purchase any newly married couple makes is a set of good white dishes that they absolutely love.

These dishes will carry them far.

People tend to think white dishes are boring.

They actually provide the pop on the table.

And, food looks and photographs its best on white dishes.

This is a FACT.

I used an all white place setting and then I mixed in a variety of patterns for the other three.

You do not need to incorporate all these different dish sizes.

These are just examples that allow you to pick and choose, take away, or even add to as you create your own.

I also used a mix of silverware.

I incorporated my antler shed silverware with my regular silverware pieces I typically use.

Again, everything does not need to match – instead, think in terms of “compliment”.

I did not show it in the video, but lastly, I added in some mercury glass votives and the glassware.

I want you to also notice that there is a mix of metal finishes on this table.

The copper vessel, the gold antler decor, the gold rim on the some of the dinnerware, the silverware, and then the silver mercury glass votives.

Yes, you can most certainly mix metals.

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The Napkins

A unique napkin fold accented with a pinecone, velvet ribbon, and two pheasant feathers - J Dub By Design™
A unique napkin fold accented with a pinecone, velvet ribbon, and two pheasant feathers – J Dub By Design™

Video Tutorial

Additional Details

I created four different napkins styles.

There are literally hundreds to choose from.

You don’t need to create any of these.

But, these work well if you don’t have napkin rings available.

Again, the napkins don’t have to match each other.

They only need to compliment each other.

However, because there are so many details going on within this tablescape, I chose one neutral napkin for all of the place settings.

Then, I created a different napkin style for each place setting.

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The Decor

A winter styled dough bowl using a bronze deer, leaves, dried artichokes, large pinecones, and feathers - J Dub By Design™
A winter styled dough bowl using a bronze deer, leaves, dried artichokes, large pinecones, and feathers – J Dub By Design™

Video Tutorial

Additional Details

I used a giant dough bowl for my arrangement.

I placed my dough bowl behind the table for additional decor.

Your dough bowl does not need to be this big.

This arrangement, done on a much smaller scale, can also be used as an alternative centerpiece for your tablescape.

TIP: When you are creating an arrangement in a massive vessile like my dough bowl, fill the bottom with grocery sacks, tissue paper, or brown paper so that you do not need as much decor to actually fill the bowl.

Again, I bought nothing to style this arrangement.

I took apart a large fall arrangement and then literally laid it in the dough bowl.

I placed my bronze deer on top of the arrangement.

If you do not have deer, you can use a set of three glass vases (or whatever your dough bowl will hold) and add battery operated candles.

I removed the pink bunny ears because in the winter, you really don’t have pink.

I added in some leaves, some large pine cones, and my trusty dried artichokes.

Yes, this looks like fall…..

But have you looked out your windows lately?

My landscape looks just like this.

Another alternative if you live further north is to use winter greenery.

I thought about using our native cedar, but the pollen is atrocious right now.

It would not have been wise to bring all that into our home and have everyone sneezing all night.

You can also add a set of twinkle lights to the dough bowl.

But, I have two lighted trees that hang out in this room year round.

So, I chose not to add additional lights.

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The Final Look

The winter styled tablescape at night - J Dub By Design™
The winter styled tablescape at night – J Dub By Design™

Video of the Final Look

The Details

I hope you enjoyed watching my process.

I put this entire look together in less than 2 hours.

It took me 2 weeks to get all of the content edited down to show you how I work.

My point is……

We are all blessed with creativity.

You just have to nurture it.

This means – look for inspiration and then shop your home to create your own unique take on my suggestions.

Happy Tablescaping!

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Pin For Later!

A winter styled tablescape - J Dub By Design™
The view of the winter styled table during the day – J Dub By Design™

I would love to know what you think of my Winter Wild Game Tablescape. Let me know down below the details you plan to re-create and make your own.

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