My Wins of the Week are pretty random.

Random……but useful.

Also, David is going to KILL me. 🙂

That was the first time he had ever been in a Hobby Lobby.

Anyhooooooo……. Two of my wins make excellent stocking stuffers.

Two make excellent gifts under the tree.

All four are reasonably priced.

Random Win #1

With the holiday season about to hit us square in the face, everybody needs batteries.

Everybody is also trying to figure out if the ones rolling around in the junk drawer still work.

wins of the week battery tester - J Dub By Design

Well, no need to wonder anymore.

That’s where this handy tool comes into play.

David swears by this gadget.

This gadget is aweome because it tests all types of batteries – including A, AA, AAA, C, D, 1.5V,9V and 1.5V button batteries.

wins of the week battery tester - J Dub By Design

Random Win of the Week #2

I like to watch Instagram stories and You Tube videos while I am cooking dinner or doing a DIY.

It’s hard to watch when my phone is laying flat on the counter. So, that’s where these handy dandy foldable cell phone holders come in so handily.

You get every single color under the sun for $8.99.

Random Win #3

My middle son, Price, is quite the foodie.

He loves to cook in his apartment.

He also loves quick and easy.

This gadget is on his Christmas list.

I already ordered it, and he’s probably reading this.


Random Win of the Week #4

Over on Instagram, I am always showing my latest DIY’s and recipes on my stories…..except when I am watching other people’s stories and videos.

Sometimes, when I demonstrate a DIY in my kitchen, my followers comment that they think I am in a church because of the sound going off randomly in the background.

sun chime win of the week - J Dub By Design

This chime is what they are hearing. It is so relaxing and sweet. I have mine tucked into a plant cart with my orchids and kokedama plants.

When the sun heats up the window where the plant cart sits, the chime goes off.

I like to give these little indoor chimes as house warming presents and wedding presents. I’ve even given them as a birthday present to my gardening friends.

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