My Wins of the Week are all centered around Christmas decor.

I realize we are only in the second week of October, but it IS time y’all.

It is a big project to get your home ready for all the fun family festivities.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.


12 foot Christmas tree decorated with mercury glass ornaments and poinsettias - J Dub By Design

I like an over the top twinkle effect on my 12 foot Christmas tree. 

My 12 foot pre-lit tree came with 1500 lights on it. But, these lights are all on the outer tips of the branches.

So, I add twinkle lights to the interior branches.

This gives a total of 3000 lights throughout the entire tree for an unbelievably spectacular effect.

The lights I used last year sold out in a hot minute. Then of course, the product gods discontinued them.

However, I found some new options that have lots and lots of good reviews. I just ordered myself 4 sets.

The strands are so much longer in length (105 feet), so you will not need as many strings of lights to achieve the same effect.

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The best part……you can plug 4 strings together on one single plug.

This is great news.

The Tree

If you are looking for a pre-lit 12 foot tree, this pine is my all time favorite. It’s life like and has 2000 lights.

I have had my eye on her for several years because……

I am a tree addict.

Well, this year is the year our dining room gets a tree.

My new girl is on her way to me as I write this. David is thrilled.

Lighting Tutorial

Last year, I got so many requests to show how I light my living room tree.

So, I threw together an IGTV video to show what I do add additional lights to my tree. It’s not the best video, but it gives you a good idea.

Here’s the video. I start showing exactly how I string the lights on the branches at minute 2.20.

David makes an appearance as well…..I don’t remember, at what point.

Adding Lights to the Living Room Tree

Yes, this method does takes some time.  But, it is so worth it.

The effect is truly magical.

The Tree Fully Decorated with the Twinkle Lights. There is sound on this short video. This is before I knew what I was doing making videos.

Adults and children will stand in front of your tree for hours mesmerized by the twinkle.

Make sure to order your lights now for your very own mesmerizing effect, or you will be sad.  

Holiday Decor Wins

Christmas lanterns on stairs with plaid ribbon and battery operated candles - J Dub By Design
The staircase banister decked out with lanterns, garland, and bows

I have been scouring all my favorite places to shop for holiday decor.

This way, you can get a head start and grab what you want before it all sells out.

Click here to shop all off my favorites for Holiday decor. Check back often because I will be adding things daily.

FYI: There are only 10 weeks until Christmas……that’s exactly 75 sleeps.

How do I know this?

Check out this really cool website. You and/or your kids can play all sorts of games, see if you are on the “Naughty or Nice” list, and check to see exactly how many seconds are left until the big guy arrives.

That’s it on my Christmas Decor Wins of the Week. Have a wonderful weekend. I truly hope it is as ahhhhhhh-mazing as you are.

Shop some of my favorite Christmas decor finds below.

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