Before I get to my Wins of the Week, let’s take a minute to appreciate that there was time when I hosted at least two big bashes every single year.

I would venture to say that my Halloween parties were more fun than my Christmas parties.

Not to brag or anything, BUT, I used to be one heck of a party thrower.

My Halloween bashes were EPIC!

For some strange reason, some of my guests always ended up in the pool.


Do you recognize the pirate above?

I wish I could find the photo of me as the bar maid with braids.

On second thought, I am sure there is a reason I hid it from myself.

Oh wait………..found it.

Halloween costumes - J Dub By Design

I was having a grand time…… doubt about it.


Oh to be young again.

Just to warn you, My Wins of Week don’t have anything to do with Halloween.

I’m over here in Christmas Candyland.

Win of the Week #1

This little trick helps keep your tree topper out of the dark.

When you have a large tree, sometimes the tree topper disappears up there.

I have a solution.

Light that sucker up!

Peacock tree topper - J Dub By Design

All you need is this handy dandy lamp cord with an attached socket and a bulb that does not get hot.

Run the cord from the top of the tree down through the branches, screw a bulb into the socket, and plug it in!


Your tree topper is now beautifully lit.

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Win #2

Tree toppers……

Unfortunately, my guy – Mr. Peacock – is discontinued.

But, I found some really cool tree toppers that are equally fabulous – AND they are reasonably priced.

Let’s Re-Visit Halloween

Kids in Halloween costumes - J Dub By Design

Here’s another throwback……my cutie patootie kiddos.

I snapped this when cell phone photos were not a thing….18 years ago to be EXACT.

Sorry for the poor quality – but at least I have this memory documented.

My nod to the Wizard of Oz thanks to Cracker Barrel’s fabulous costumes.

Typically, a little girl would be Dorothy.

Not in my house…….

Stinkerbelle was the scarecrow. I had to stop at 5 different Cracker Barrels before I finally snagged her costume.

My oldest, Jon-Benton, was handsome Tin Man.

And, the sweetest middle child EVER, Price, was my precious thumb sucking lion.

Time sure does fly by.

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Have a safe and Happy Halloween.