My Statement Santa Tree Topper is easy to re-create.

Below, I will share all my tips and tricks so that you can create a stunning statement piece for the top of your tree.

You may think this wont work for you because you use something different on the top of your tree.

I promise it works.

Our main tree has a large peacock named Penelope.

I will show her to you later on in this post.

This framework works no matter what you put on the top of your tree.

In this blog post, you will learn

  • how to light up a large tree topper so that it shows at the top of the tree
  • how to build a stable base for large tree toppers so they don’t fall off the tree
  • how to add florals and bells to the top of the tree as part of the base.

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Video Tutorial

Watch my video demonstration below.

Santa Tree Topper

Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think of my Statement Santa Tree Topper. I would love to know what you plan to use on the top of your Christmas tree this year.

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Statement Santa Tree Topper - J Dub By Design™
Santa Tree Topper

Here’s our Peacock

Her name is Penelope. I did a poll a few years on Instagram.

And, a sweet follower chose her name.

This is Penelope sitting on her HUGE nest. This is a 12 foot tree in our living room with 40 foot ceilings.

I built her nest using large statement bows, tons and tons of gold pics, and added in some red poinsettias.

This nest did not happen overnight. I have been purchasing and adding a few elements to it each year.

Peacock Tree Topper on top of nest on 12 foot Christmas tree - J Dub By Design™
The sunlight hitting Penelope early in the morning.

And, below is the tree at night in all her glory.

Penelope would disappear had I not lit her from the bottom.

Pre-lit 12 foot mercury glass ornament Christmas tree with peacock tree topper lit at the top of tree.
The 12 foot tree in all her glory

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