I know it’s time for J Dub’s Spring Home Refresh when I start itching to hang my spring wreaths. Come on in and take a look around. I will give you a peek into the areas I focused on this year.

The Front Doors

spring wreaths and faux boxwood balls on front doors - J Dub By Design
Lavender, lemon, and some faux boxwood for the win!
lemon and lavender wreaths on door - J Dub By Design
These spring themed lemon and lavender wreaths are the perfect addition to our front doors.

For spring, I decided to go with a lemon and lavender theme for my front door decor. I contacted Kelly at Mercy Wreaths to help me put my vision in place. She created these beautiful lemon and lavender wreaths that are the perfect scale for our double front doors.

Also, did you know you can paint your fiberglass pots to match your design needs? I created a video to show you how. All you need is a can of spray paint . The process is so simple. Check it out here.


I also like to use faux boxwood balls in early spring and then switch them out for my ferns when the warmer weather returns. These faux boxwoods add the perfect touch of green, look and feel real to the touch, and pop against my black pots. You can re-create this look using the links below.

Lillie, My Guardian Angel

garden angel with boston fern and spring lanterns - J Dub By Design
Lillie, my guardian angel, all decked out in her Spring garb.
garden angel with boston fern and spring lanterns - J Dub By Design
A side view of Lillie

The real show stopper is this gorgeous swag Kelly made for my guardian angel, Lillie. I also used two lanterns filled with lemons and added some coordinating ribbon and filler to complete her look. And, if you want to know more about the story behind my guardian angel, Lillie, click here. You can also shop Lillie’s look below.

The Foyer

table and chairs with faux forsythia and wisteria blooms - J Dub By Design
Our foyer with beautiful faux blossoms

When I think of spring, one of the first shrubs to come to mind is forsythia. This gorgeous yellow showstopper will start blooming even when the ground is covered with snow. If you are not blessed with your own forsythia shrub, you can alwasy go with faux branches, like mine above.

I placed mine in this great basket from another Texas gal – Susie Robb. Her on-line store is chock full of fabulous items curated by her. Many of these items are made in Texas.

In order to give my lamp some height and be in proportion with the giant forsythia basket, I brought out some of my favorite gardening books that I refer to yearly when I am get into planting mode.

Next, I included a nod to Easter with my faux chocolate bunny tucked under a cloche. The cloche is part of a great entertaining piece David gave to me last year. This piece has so many uses, and is one of my favorite pieces to use for entertaining. In fact, you can turn the glass dome upside down and use it as a flower vase, as I did in the photo below.

faux chocolate bunny in cloche with floral Easter egg - J Dub By Design
One of my faux chocolate bunnies.

My faux chocolate bunnies are decades old, but I am working on a tutorial to show you how you can make your very own bunnies.

Finally, because are console table is so tall, I added some glass jar vases underneath. I filled the vases with some faux green philo leaf stems mixed with some giant faux lavender Peegee Hydrangea stems. Click below to shop this look for your home.

Our Living Room

Next up on the spring home tour is our living room. Terra-cotta and blue are big colors for 2020. That does not mean you need to throw out whatever you have that does not fit the “trend”. I don’t do trends. I “do” what I love – PERIOD. This year, I just happen to be on trend. Who knew?

colorful Suzani pillow on black leather sofa - J Dub By Design
One of my favorite Suzani patterns.

My hand sewn Suzani pillows (no two are exactly alike) are the perfect spring touch on our chesterfield sofas. Next year, they probably won’t be. Regardless of trends, these pillows will be on my sofas for years to come because I love them.

large metal tray with candle lantern round vases and prayer beads - J Dub By Design
Our living room ottoman styled for spring

I love to layer regardless of the season. My anchor piece that serves as the base for all my layers is this round disc shown above. It also looks fabulous without any decor placed on it.

For spring, I used one of my favorite lanterns, and placed one of my treasured Hoya Heart succulents inside. I added in a few more of my coffee table books, one of my favorite massive candles (that provides scale), some wooden prayer beads, and a unique globe vase.

I cut a stem off my Plumosa fern and added to the globe vase – no water needed. This stem has lasted well over a month and provides texture and interest within the globe. Finally, to give the tray an added personal touch, I layered in this heart shaped rock we found on the property. You can shop my living room below.

Our Kitchen

We have a ton of open shelving in our kitchen. Starting this year, I made it a priority to keep it organized, This means it’s goes back where I first found it. Before I did any styling, I took everything out and gave all the shelves and dishes a complete wipe down.

David and I are both collectors of white dishes. And, I love them all. So this means I would not be Marie Kondo’ing anything because they all bring me joy. Translation – we use them frequently – they are staying.

I had to come up with a way to organize them that was pleasing to my eye and not worry about anybody else’s. I am sure that I could have removed quite a few of these white dishes, and then the view into my open storage would be IG worthy. But, that is not the purpose of our storage. We cook every single night, and sometimes day. We use this kitchen CONSTANTLY.

open kitchen shelving with sub zero refrigerator - J Dub By Design
Our highly functional open shelving

To achieve some balance, I added two different types of decor to our open storage that were missing before. First, I brought out some of my Arthur Court serving pieces that I have not used in DECADES because it was either in a box or hidden in a cabinet too high for me to reach and too much trouble to drag out. Now, I can easily reach for theses pieces and love them – that is the Marie Kondo way.

Next, I added in some faux greenery. Now, y’all know I am a plant lover. I seriously considered putting live plants in these open shelves. But, the reality is that live plants can be messy and they need a little more light than what my open shelving allows. So the faux greenery is the best option. I have included links to some of my kitchen open shelving favorites below.

The Powder Bath Refresh

Bunny hand towel in powder bath - J Dub By Design
The upstairs powder bath

This spring home refresh is probably the easiest to accomplish. I have narrowed it down to 4 items, regardless of the season. My formula consists of some fresh spring hand towels, a plant (real or faux), a candle, and some fresh smelling hand soap. Voíla! Your powder bath has been refreshed. You can shop my powder bath refresh below.

The Laundry Refresh

Since I spend about half my life in this room, I want to make it as fun as possible. This year, I totally Marie Kondo’d the entire space. I took everything out of the cabinets, cleared clutter, and then wiped it down from top to bottom.

spring tour laundry room round rug - J Dub By Design
I love adding color to all white spaces

The first thing I added to this space is a bright and cheery rug. I love that this rug is round, and gives the room a completely different look.

spring tour laundry room collage - J Dub By Design
Some of the decor in our laundry

Even though my laundry has no window, I still added some fresh greenery. Blue Star fern and Pothos Ivy are two plants that do well in artificial light. I also added in my twine holder, a picnic basket containing some faux lavender, and a cute container to hold my laundry detergent. You can recreate this look with the links below.

A Spring Table Scape

easter table scape with pink gerber daisy - J Dub By Design
My Easter table scape

No matter how I set my table, I like to start with the centerpiece. Most of the time I keep whatever is in the middle at a reasonably low and/or see through height so the view across the table is not blocked.

I chose this great lantern because although it is large in scale, you can still see through it. Also, I am almost always going to add in something living and green. I can shop my home because there is no shortage of plants from which to choose.

If you have some natural bright light in your dining space, vibrant Gerbera daisies are always a big hit. Orchids are another great choice. Your local grocery store is usually going to keep these two floral beauties in stock – especially during the spring season. If live plants aren’t your thing, you can easily find a faux look alike.

Next, I layer in my place settings. I have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of these textured twig place mats as I have used them every single season. Then, I placed our large white dishes on top of the place mats.

From here, I either choose neutral plates or bring in some color. I chose to go with both for this table scape. The pink dishes with the striped napkins add the pop of color, while my sweet Etta B bunny plates are neutral. You can shop my spring table scape below.

Greenery on the Mantel

large wooden mantel with green plants, lanter, candles and a wicker tray - J Dub By Design
Our double mantel

This mantel is not a typical mantel. Due to the overlook above the wood mantel, I actually have a stone mantel to style as well. So, for my spring refresh, I leaned heavily on greenery – both real and faux.

Many people struggle with live plants and may accidentally kill the plant. Because of this, they don’t ever try their hand at it again. Keep trying. There is a person for every single plant.

Because I mixed both real and faux plants, you have to look twice to see which ones are faux. Styling with live beauties works because I chose plants that all have the same indirect light and water requirements. I just let them dry out slightly before I water them again. This usually translates to watering them once each week. How easy peasy is that? You can recreate this look by shopping the links below.

That’s a wrap on my spring home refresh. Thank you so much for coming along on the tour with me. I hope you found some inspiration for adding in some spring touches to your own home. Happy spring!

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