The kitchen reset is literally the first job I tackle as soon as the Christmas decorations are packed away.

During the holidays from Thanksgiving through the New Year, we are on the go visiting and celebrating with friends and family.

My kitchen takes a proverbial beating.

And, I love it.

My kitchen is a workhorse.

But, I also want it to look its best.

So, I take the time to go through it in its entirety and get it sparkling brand new for the upcoming yea

I go through everything – the fridge, the ovens, the cabinetry, and the sinks.

When I am done, it looks like we just moved in.

Without further ado……

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The Refrigerator Re-Set

Bins and containers will keep your refrigerator neat and clutter free

They also allow you to easily decide what to keep and what to remove.

These are the Refrigerator Organization Supplies that I have used and trusted for years.

The recipe for my glass and mirror cleaner can be found here.

The Copper Sink Re-Set

My copper sinks get pretty gnarly at times.

I have been known to do all sorts of things like. clean my oven racks and water my plants.

Follow along as I clean and shine them back into statement workhorses.

Supplies Used

Favorite Microfiber cloths ( I prefer the thin blue over yellow because the yellow leaves lint)

Bar Keepers Friend



The Oven Re-set

My double ovens and range top are the star of this kitchen.

Meaning, they do the most work.

I am standing next to this beauty every single day most days of the week.

And, it can get gross.

But, I always bring it back to sparkling clean with the method I show below.

Supplies Used

Oven Cleaner

Bar Keepers Friend

Dawn Power Wash – FYI! This is not safe for your natural stone countertops no matter what somebody on social media tells you. This product contains acid and alcohol and will strip the sealer off your quartzite, granite, and marble. Regular dawn dish soap is fine. The power wash is not.

Microfiber Cloths


Hand Held Vacuum

Homemade Cleaner – This is the same cleaner that I use on my windows and mirrors. Do not use this on your countertops.

The Kitchen Cabinet Re-set

The new year is the perfect time to get your cabinets in tip top shape. Follow along in the video as I show you the steps I take and the products I use to bring my cabinets back to the brand spanking new.

Supplies Used

Granite Cleaner

Collapsable Mop Bucket

Cutting Board Cleaner and Oil

Wood Conditioner

Hand Held Vacuum

Baking Station Containers

I would love to know how you start the new year in your home. Drop me a comment below and tell me how you do it. Also, what do you think of my clean kitchen re-set?

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Clean kitchen reset showing the refrigerator and surrounding kitchen shelves - J Dub By Design™

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