A few weeks ago Nature Hills Nursery sent me a portrait planter to review.

I pulled the 8 X 10 frame out of the box and began to put it together.

The planter is supposed to be displayed vertically as soon as you plant it.

This means you don’t have to lay it flat for a few weeks while the plants establish a root system in the dirt so they don’t fall out.

Every single vertical planter I have either hung or leaned against the wall has had to lay flat for weeks before I could display it correctly.

I was skeptical, and also very curious.

The planter came with everything I needed minus the plants.

So I decided on succulents, as I already had a nice collection on hand growing in my greenhouse.

Steps to Assemble and Plant

  1. This planter can be hung or you can display it like a photograph. First, I put the picture hanger on the back of the planter. You want to make sure you get the picture hanger hung in the right direction for display.
  2. The planter also comes with a watering tray that you attach to the bottom. This allows you to water the succulents from the top down and any residual water is caught in the tray.
  3. Next, I filled the succulent planter with some cactus and citrus planting soil. This is my preferred dirt for succulents as it dries out quicker than typical potting soil.
  4. Then I placed my succulents the way I wanted them to be displayed.
  5. The planter comes with stakes that fit through both the vertical and horizontal holes in the planter. These stakes are what keep the succulents in place and from falling out once you hang it vertically.
  6. I stuck the vertical stakes (which are longer) through the planter first. Then, I fed the stake through the top hole, down through the succulents, and into the bottom lip of the planter.
  7. I repeated the process again with the horizontal stakes.
  8. Then I gently misted the succulents in the planter with my garden hose.
  9. I immediately turned it vertically and positioned the picture hanger. None of the succulents fell out.

Photos of the Process

The hole in the back of the portrait planter to hang it - J Dub By Design™
You can either hang the planter or display like a photograph.
attaching the picture hanger to the back of the planter - J Dub By Design™
Attach the picture hanger to the back with the provided screws.
attaching the watering tray to the bottom of the portrait planter - J Dub By Design™
Then, attach the watering tray to the bottom of the planter.
Adding dirt to the Nature Hills Portrait Planter - J Dub By Design™
Add in the succulent dirt.
planting succulents in the Nature Hills Nursery portrait planter - J Dub By Design™
Then plant the succulents you choose.
The vertical and horizontal stakes that come with the planter - J Dub By Design™
Unwrap the vertical and horizontal stakes that are provided.
The holes for the stakes in the back of the planter - J Dub By Design™
There are holes on the top and side of the planter to insert the stakes.
sticking the stakes through the planter to hold the succulents in place - J Dub By Design™
I began with placing the vertical stakes in the top of the planter, then repeated the process with the horizontal stakes.
lightly misting the succulent wall planter - J Dub By Design™
I lightly misted the succulents with my water hose.
The freshly planted succulent planter - J Dub By Design™
And, then I immediately turned it upright and the succulents held in place perfectly.

My Final Thoughts

This planter is fabulous. I love that you have two different options to display this planter.

I also love that you are not limited to succulents. You could use different types of ferns or moss or even some colorful annuals.

My favorite perk of this portrait planter is that you an immediately display it vertically. There is no waiting and it looks fantastic as soon as you place it in its perfect spot.

Mine is on our pool patio.

The Nature Hills Nursery Portrait planter in front of the stone fireplace - J Dub By Design™
My Beautiful Succulent Portrait Planter from Nature Hills Nursery

Also, if you have some leggy succulents, don’t throw them away.

You can easily fix those long stalks.

I have the perfect tips to help you re-pot them and get them looking their best again.

And, if you are looking for some the perfect Nature Hills Nursery plants to add to your gardens, here are my personal recommendations.

I planted this Chinese Blue Wisteria Tree in my yard several years ago.

Chinese Blue Wisteria Tree - J Dub By Design™
My Chinese Blue Wisteria Tree next to the pool.

This tree is stunning, fragrant, loves full sun, and behaves perfectly – unlike traditional wisteria, which can get out of hand fast.

I just ordered another Chinese Blue Wisteria for the pool flower beds.

And, my other love is The Rising Sun Redbud. I have five of these beauties planted around the house and the foliage on this tree is just as exquisite as the blooms.

Pool Landscaping with waterfall - J Dub By Design™
One of our Rising Sun Redbuds planted at the top of the waterfall. We planted these last year.

If you have shade gardens, my recommendations are two of my favorite hosta, Empress Wu and Francis Williams.

The Empress Wu is HUGE and the leaves are so impressive. I love Francis Williams for her gorgeous chartreuse leaf edging. You can not go wrong with either one.

Empress Wu Hosta in cement column planter - J Dub By Design™
An Empress Wu just coming out of dormancy this week.
Francis Williams Hosta - J Dub By Design™
The Francis Williams last year, the first year we planted them.

Don’t forget to drop me a comment below and tell me how you plan to use your portrait planter. I would love to know what plants you are adding to your garden this spring!

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