My Blackberry Mint Sparkler requires just 4 simple ingredients.  This drink is the perfect mocktail to serve teenagers. It’s also a quick and easy beverage to serve during the summer.

We served this Blackberry Mint Sparkler for Eve’s pre-prom dinner guests a few months ago. They loved all loved it, as there was nothing left. If you want to see more Stinkerbelle’s first dinner party, click here.


1 pint fresh blackberries, washed and allowed to dry

1 large bottle of sparkling water

10 mint leaves


Directions for My Blackberry Mint Sparkler

First, combine all of the blackberries with the sparkling water and mint leaves into a large glass carafe. Feel free to use any type of pitcher you would like, but the glass carafe shows off the pretty colors of the blackberry fruit and mint. Add ice to the carafe. Serve this drink immediately. Let me know what you think of My Blackberry Mint Sparkler!

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