Before I talk about my WINS of WEEK, let me just say I can’t believe we are almost a full week into September.

The best part……Mother Nature took her cue and, FINALLY, gave us some much needed cooler temperatures and a few drops of rain.

While I was listening to the rolling thunder trying not to get my hopes up, I went through my list of notes and found some of my wins I want to share with you this week.

Fashion Wins

This week, my fashion win is all about Big D (aka MacGyver aka David). He and I share August as our birthday month.

In typical “Jennifer” fashion, there is no shortage of things on my “want” list. But, David……THE DUDE IS HARD TO BUY FOR.

MacGyver has every tool and gadget under the sun.

David loves his Apple Watch and wears it every single day.

But, the original band is worn out. So, I went on a mission to find the perfect color of the perfect band for the perfect man………

David is also color blind and has no idea what color he’s wearing. WHATEVER

Anyway, these bands rock. You can choose from every color under the sun.

Garden Wins

Fall is the time to transplant your bulbs and perennials. So, now is the time to order everything you have always wanted (wait….I am only talking about myself.)

Check out a few of my favorite iris and daffodil you can plant during the fall season for gorgeous next spring and summer color. WIN!

If you have followed along in my Instagram stories, you know that I am also trying out two new varieties of Colacasia (aka….elephant ears).

The Colocasia Gigantea ‘Thailand Giant‘ can get up to 10 feet tall with leaves up to 5 feet wide and 6 feet long. HUGE.

The Colocasia ‘Nancyana’ is slightly smaller, reaching up to 7 feet tall and has gorgeous white veined leaves as they mature.

My plan is to overwinter both of these varieties in my greenhouse until they get some size and height. Then, I will transplant them in some DIY hypertufa pots I have on my DIY agenda in the coming months.

P. S. You don’t need a greenhouse to overwinter these elephant ears. These work nicely in zones 8-10. If you live in these zones, you can also plant them straight into the ground. WIN!

Decor Wins

I can not tell you how many requests I have gotten for links to the long rectangular vase I used on my late summer table-scape a few weeks ago.

Mine is old. Although I have scoured the deepest darkest corners of the web, I can’t find that exact piece anywhere.

But, you are in luck because I have found some very similar options. These will all give you the same look and they are reasonably priced. That is a double WIN.

Want to know more about where I live and why I have such a sweet relationship with Mother Nature?

The Texas Hill Country is gorgeous and is definitely a destination you should put on your bucket list.

That’s a wrap on my WINS OF THE WEEK.

Word on the street is there’s more rain headed our way.

Mother Nature, if you are reading this, you are the most wonderful weather lady out there. Your long, slow drizzles are something to write home about.

So Mother Nature, any time you are ready, I am right here waiting…….patiently. 🙂

Here’s to having a Labor Day Weekend as AHHHHH-MAZING as all of you are.



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