J Dub’s Thanksgiving menu is the go-to menu I have been serving for many, many years. It’s no secret I love to cook, but the Holidays get crazy for me. I need tried, true, as well as, delicious. But, I also need recipes that won’t keep me in the kitchen the night before or all day on the day of the big family meal.

All of these recipes on my menu can be prepared ahead of time – including my homemade rolls. All you need to do is put everything in the oven the day of the big meal. There is no stress or fear of running out of time because my menu is about as easy as it gets.

The Bird

My turkey recipe could not be any simpler. Let you bird thaw out in the fridge and get it prepped the day before. The prep might take you 10 minutes MAX. The best part is you don’t have to stay up late waiting to put the turkey in, and you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to check on it.

The Dressing

My girl, Monica, who shared her turkey secret with me many years ago, also graciously gave me this dressing recipe that I have been using religiously for the last 18 years. You can get the entire recipe ready the day before, or just do most of the chopping and mix it all together Thanksgiving day. This recipe is super simple and I promise you lots and lots of ooh’s and ah’s are headed your way.

The Side Dishes

Step aside green bean casserole. My green beans are the perfect side dish for Thanksgiving. And, who does not love bacon? These bean bundles taste like it took so much longer than 10 minutes to throw them in the oven.

My cheesy asparagus is also a crowd pleaser. This recipe requires even less time than my green beans. The entire recipe calls for 4 ingredients and tastes like a million bucks.

If your crew is not into vegetables, then my Mac and Cheese is the cure for any picky eater. This recipe is loaded with cheese, butter, and sour cream. My recipe is so addictive, it will be hard for anybody to walk by without serving themselves up a giant portion.

The Bread

My roll recipe guarantees that those will be the first to disappear on the menu. I have started making two batches when the kids are home. With one batch – I manage to get one roll – and, that is if I am lucky. As I promised earlier, you can even bake these the day before, and warm them in the oven right before you serve your meal. You will just need to hide them from those sticky fingers lurking around the kitchen. Or you might find yourself without bread on Thanksgiving Day.

The Perfect Ending

My miniature pound cakes are always a crowd pleaser. Just like all my other recipes for Thanksgiving, you can make these the day before, including the caramel sauce. Just whip up the vanilla cream while everyone is still in their turkey coma. Once, they come out of it, voila – you have the perfect ending to you Holiday meal.

If you need some chocolate to go with your caramel, pecans, and toffee, my chocolate pie will always do the trick. The secret to my fluffy meringue is aged, room temperature egg whites. I separate my eggs a couple of days before I make the pie and store them in the fridge. Before I beat them, I let the whites come to room temperature on my kitchen counter. By doing this, I create lots and lots of air in my meringue. These two small steps create that fluffy cloud of heaven on top of any pie.

I hope J Dub’s Thanksgiving menu makes you as hungry as it’s making me. Whether you are in charge of the entire meal or responsible for a dish, this menu has surely given you lots of options.

I’m off to the mad house grocery to get the last few items I need. No matter if your meal is toasted, roasted, baked, or done, may your Thanksgiving Holiday always be loads of fun. Have a very blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.