J Dub’s Patriotic Summer Menu is your menu if you are all about enjoying the holiday instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  My take on a patriotic holiday meal is full of homemade, make ahead dishes that will get the job done.

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Who wants to to be stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is having a grand time?  Trust me, I’ve got you covered.  Everything from dip to dessert is listed below.

The Appetizer

First up – the appetizer.  J Dub’s Dill Pickle Dip is the perfect way to start a party.

Fresh dill and tangy pickles are always a hit.  You can whip it up two days in advance.

That way the flavors meld together perfectly. With only 7 ingredients (3 of those are spices you will already have on hand), it’s ready in a flash.

dill pickle dip in white bowl - J Dub By Design

Need another dessert?

Try my Monterey Jack Salsa!

The Main Dish

J Dub’s Brisket in the Oven is the main dish and it screams summer holiday.  Prep time is less than 10 minutes before it’s low and slow stay in the oven.

You can even prep it the night before.

The best part…..this brisket tastes like you were up all night slaving over the grill.

Meanwhile, no one will ever know you got 8 hours (or more) of beauty sleep.

brisket in oven - J Dub By Design

The Side Dish(es)

J Dub’s Mac and Cheese is a crowd favorite.  You will have to fight the kiddos for a bite.  That is why I always double my recipe.

The cherry on top is – it’s also make ahead friendly.

Patriotic Menu Option Mac and Cheese Baked - J Dub By Design

Don’t forget the greens. J Dub’s Caesar Salad Dressing with some homemade croutons is the perfect addition, and will fill that slot nicely.

caesar salad with croutons served in stemmed glassware

The Bread

You can not go wrong with J Dub’s Buttermilk Biscuits.  These biscuits take a whopping 5 minutes to whip up before their quick stay in the oven.

This can all be done while you are letting the brisket rest before serving. Just make sure your butter and buttermilk are ice cold.

buttermilk biscuits - J Dub By Design

The Dessert(s)

I’m giving you two equally fabulous options here.

First up, my Lemon Meringue Cheesecake. This is David’s favorite dessert I make – and he is not a sweet eater. This cheesecake is pretty, and again, totally make ahead friendly.

lemon meringue cheesecake - J Dub By Design

Finally, the dessert that everyone will love.  It’s fruity….it’s refreshing…. J Dub’s Blueberry Banana Pie.  This dessert is the most popular recipe on my blog.  You can easily double my recipe and make two pies. In case you are feeling generous and want to give one away.

blueberry banana pie sitting next to blueberry pie filling on marble counter


How about this dessert?

My banana pudding is a crowd pleaser and uses two secret ingredients that I will happily share with you.

J Dub’s Banana Pudding

And, you have to try my homemade ice cream. It’s not a summer holiday unless you have a big batch of J Dub’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream ready for your guests.

homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate walnutes and strawberries - J Dub By Design
J Dub’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

I know I am partial, but if you are ever looking for a wonderful place to vacation, check out the Texas Hill Country. You won’t be sorry.

Check out the short video I created of my patriotic table!

Let me know if you try J Dub’s Patriotic Summer Menu in the comments below. Have a safe and wonderful weekend everyone.  God Bless America!

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