J Dub’s Muffuletta Sandwich will take you right back to New Orleans. And, if you have never visited New Orleans, you are missing out on some of the best food and culture around.


1 Loaf J Dub’s Muffuletta Bread

J Dub’s Olive Salad (you can substitute Central Grocery’s Famous Italian Olive Salad if you don’t want to make it.

Garlic Basil Mayo

Capicola (approximately 20 slices)

Salami (approximately 20 slices)

Ham (approximately 20 slices)

Pepperoni (approximately 20 slices)

Provolone Cheese (approximately 20 slices)


  1. Slice open the muffuletta loaf.
  2. Spread each side of the loaf GENEROUSLY with J Dub’s Garlic Basil Mayo.
  3. Top each side with olive salad. Be generous with this as well.
  4. Layer provolone cheese on bottom half only – it gets hard to flip if you do both sides.
  5. Layer approximately 10 slices of the provolone cheese over the olive salad.
  6. Then, add 10 slices of Capicola over the provolone cheese.
  7. Layer 10 slices of pepperoni over the Capicola.
  8. Layer the slices of salami over the pepperoni.
  9. Next, layer the ham slices over the salami.
  10. After you have added all of the meat, top it with one last layer of provolone cheese.
  11. Carefully place the top half of the muffuletta bread over the cheese.
  12. Press down firmly on the sandwich.
  13. Wrap the sandwich tightly and place in the fridge for a few hours so that everything melds together nicely.

J Dub’s Muffuletta Sandwich is perfect for any football get together and/or Mardi Gras. Speaking of Mardi Gras – don’t forget to try out J Dub’s Praline Cream Cheese King Cake. Enjoy and let me know what you think.