J Dub’s fall candle wreaths using unwired garland came about because I didn’t want to spend a great deal of money on pre-made candle wreaths.

We have a large dining room table, and sometimes I use alot of candles.

This means that seasonal candle decor can get expensive quickly.

I have forked over some big bucks for pre-made candle wreaths in the past, and I regretted it.


The candle wreaths arrived with most of the decor laying in the box instead of on the ring. 

So, I found a solution. I made my own using some some inexpensive unwired garland and fall picks.

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Supplies For Fall Candle Rings


Candle stick

24 Gauge Floral Wire (approximately 22- 24 inches for each candle ring)

2 feet unwired floral Fall leaf garland for each candle ring (Walmart has inexpensive garland for less than $3.00, but it is an in-store purchase)

1 floral pick for each candle wreath

Glue gun

Wire Snips

Wooden clothespins

Krylon Matte Black Primer/Paint

Krylon Metallic Gold spray paint

Gold Gilding Wax

Brown paper or painter’s plastic to protect the area you in which you are working to keep it from getting covered in paint.

Directions For Securing the Garland

  1. Using your candle as a template, wrap the floral wire around candle twice to build a form. Cut the wire a little longer than necessary.
  2. Wrap the wire around itself to secure it and keep the wire from unraveling. The wire form will look and feel flimsy.  That is okay as the garland will make it very sturdy, once attached.
  3. Temporarily attach leaf garland to wire using clothespins to hold the garland to with wire.  Attach a clothespin every 2 inches as you move around the wire form.  The garland should go around the form two times. 
  4. Adjust the clothespins so that all are pointing the same direction so that you can use the legs as a base once you start applying the glue.
  5. Once you have wrapped the entire garland around the wire twice, begin to secure the garland using your glue gun. Glue the wire to the garland in the spaces between the clothes pins.  Hold the candle ring by a clothes pin while gluing to keep from burning yourself.
  6. You will glue the wire to the garland every few inches.
  7. After you have secured the entire garland to the wire, allow the glue to dry.  You can sit the candle ring down using the clothes pins as legs. This keeps the glue from touching the table.
  8. Attach the entire floral pick to one side of the ring. 
  9. Allow the floral pick or pieces to dry.
  10. Remove the clothespins.

Directions For Painting the Candle Wreath

  1. Place the garland on brown paper or painter’s plastic to protect the surface of the table or go outside to spray the candle wreaths.
  2. Shake the spray paint well before lightly spraying each candle ring with black paint. 
  3. Flip the candle ring over and repeat the process to lightly over the bottom of the candle ring.
  4. Repeat the entire process again with the gold spray paint.

Photos of the Step By Step Candle Wreath Process

fall candle rings - J Dub By Design
Form a circle by wrapping wire around itself twice.
fall candle rings - J Dub By Design
You can use your candle as template to get the circumference right.
fall candle rings - J Dub By Design
Begin securing the unwired garland to the wire circle using clothespins.
fall candle rings - J Dub By Design
You will 5-6 clothespins to hold the wire in place.
fall candle rings - J Dub By Design
Here is an overhead view after the clothespins are attached.

fall candle rings - J Dub By Design
Using your hot glue gun, glue the garland to the wire. Hold the circle by the clothespins so that you don’t get glue on your fingers.
fall candle rings - J Dub By Design
Tuck stems from fall picks into the garland
fall candle rings - J Dub By Design
Wrap the picks around the garland and secure with hot glue.
fall candle rings - J Dub By Design
I lightly sprayed flat black paint on this one to age it.
fall candle rings - J Dub By Design
Then I layered on some gold spray paint.
fall candle rings - J Dub By Design
I rubbed gold gilding wax on the leaves to bring out the veining.
fall candle rings - J Dub By Design
I tried the candle wreath on the candle to make sure it fit snugly.


  1. Obviously, if you want your candle ring to be even more full than mine, you can wrap each section of garland around the wire form more than twice. 
  2. You may also cut the floral pick apart if it contains several design elements. Then, randomly glue sections of the pick to the garland.
  3. You do not want to cover the wreath solidly with paint.  Only mist in areas to give the candle rings some dimension and aging.
  4. You can also add more picks for filler.  But, I achieved the look I wanted without overwhelming the candle.
  5. For additional dimension, apply gold gilding wax to the pumpkins, and leaves etc in various places.  The gold leaf will bring out the veining in the leaves of the garland.
  6. You can also achieve this same look using wired floral picks. And, that tutorial is here.

Try out J Dub’s Fall Candle Wreaths and let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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