I am going to show you the easiest way to light a table-scape.

Step aside traditional candles.

This is a truly unique method that will have your guests wondering “How did you do that?”

They might even take your entire table setting apart trying to figure out your secret to a magical glow under your dishes.

You can do this all year long with any table-scape you create.

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Battery operated lights with batteries (one set of lights for each place setting)

Seasonl dishes


Duct tape

A cloth napkin

Step By Step Photos

Putting duct tape on a battery pack - J Dub By Design
Tear a piece of duct tape to fit over battery pack
Duct tape on battery pack - J Dub By Design
Place duct tape on battery pack
Battery pack under table - J Dub By Design
Secure battery pack under table using duct tape sides
How to Light a Table-scape - J Dub By Design
Wrap the lights around the bottom plate

Directions for Lighting the Table-scape

  1. Turn on your lights to make sure your they are working.
  2. Place a piece of duct tape across the center of the battery pack, making sure not to cover the button used to turn the lights on and off.
  3. Place the battery pack under the table and press on the duct tape to ensure that battery pack is securely hidden under the table.
  4. Begin to wrap the lights between the charger and the bottom plate of your place setting.
  5. Place your napkin so that it covers the small amount of exposed wire on the battery pack.
  6. Voilá! Your table is now magical.
Fall Tablescape Using Dried Artichokes - J Dub By Design ™
The effect is truly magical.

Now, you have created a unique, magical effect.

The battery pack is safely concealed under the table and the napkin hides the tiny bit of unlit cord.

Remote control battery operated lights make turning the table-scape on an off a breeze.

But, if you don’t have those, you can still easily reach under the table to turn the lights off when they are not in use.

Want to know how I dried the artichokes featured in my table-scape? Click here. You will be so surprised just how easy this is to do.

How to Light a Table-scape - J Dub By Design
Here is a table-scape I lit from underneath in a wine cellar
A leaf and pumpkin napkin - J Dub By Design
I created a leaf and a pumpkin to hide the cord.

Want to know how I created those unique candle rings on the table in the wine cellar? Click here.

Drop me a comment below and let me know any other unique ways you light your table-scapes!

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