Did you know you can easily dry an artichoke to use in all your home decor?

From wreaths to tablescapes to just sitting happily clustered in a bowl……

These little beauties are a great way to add drama and texture for all the fall feels.


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A wide stainless bowl

Scotch tape

3 Artichokes with stems

Directions to Dry Artichokes

First, lay pieces of tape horizontally across the bowl. I use stainless steel because the scotch tape sticks and does not fall off.

In fact, I have re-used the same taped bowl many times to dry different sets of artichokes without changing the tape.

Next, lay additional pieces of tape vertically across the bowl.

You have now created a grid.

How to Dry Artichokes - J Dub By Design ™

Now, place the artichokes within the grid. Make sure to keep the artichokes spaced apart so that air can circulate around them as they dry out.

How to Dry Artichokes - J Dub By Design ™
How to Dry Artichokes - J Dub By Design

Place the artichokes in a cool room away from sunlight.

How to Dry Artichokes - J Dub By Design ™
I have these sitting in our basement. The light is on so that you can see the artichokes. Normally, this room stays cool and dark which is perfect for the artichokes to dry out without molding.

The artichokes should dry out within 7 to 10 days and will be ready to use in all of your arrangements and home decor.

How to Dry Artichokes - J Dub By Design ™
Fall Tablescape Using Dried Artichokes - J Dub By Design™

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dried artichokes in a copper bowl - J Dub By Design™
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I would love to know if you have ever dried artichokes for your arrangments. Drop me a comment below.

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