If you want to learn how to decorate a Christmas Tree J Dub’s way, this post is for you.

My method is simple……and complete in 8 EASY steps.

However, it does take time.

Normally, I take about 10 days to completely decorate my tree.

This year, I managed to get her all decked out in 5 days.

Those 5 days were 8 hour long days.

Up and down.

Up and down.

A 12 foot ladder.

Steps I Take to Decorate My Christmas Tree

  • Fluff the tree
  • Twinkle lights
  • Tree topper
  • Ribbon throughout tree
  • Floral picks throughout tree
  • Ornaments
  • Christmas tree skirt
  • Add the presents

Fluff the Tree

My tree is a 12 foot pre-lit artificial tree.

The very first thing I do to decorate my tree is remove it from its box and check that all of the sections are working.

fluffed Christmas tree - J Dub By Design

Even though the tree is supposed to remain lit if a bulb goes out, I still examine the tree closely to find those bulbs.

I replace mine immediately because over time bulbs that are not lit reduce the life of a pre-lit tree.

Then, I fluff and spread out each branch of the tree to fill in any gaping holes.

I do not spend a great deal of time fluffing the bottom of the tree as I will be dragging a 12 foot ladder around it.

Twinkle Lights

Next, I add two sets of twinkle lights to the center of my tree.

First, I find the pattern that I want to use.

Then, I start at the base and run the lights from the back of the branch forward.

I do not go to the end of the branch – only halfway.

This creates dimension without overwhelming the eye with flashing lights.

The lights I used are a warm white and each strand is 115 feet long. These also come in cool white and long lengths.

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Tree Topper

The next thing I do to decorate my Christmas tree is set my tree topper.

I realize I do this step differently than many.

Traditionally, the tree topper is the last piece placed on the top of the tree.

However, my tree topper is a statement piece and sets the tone for the rest of the tree.

Not to mention, most of my ornaments are breakable mercury glass.

If I were to work on the tree topper after I hung my ornaments, I would shatter them dragging the ladder around the tree.


My tree topper, Penelope, is a turquoise peacock with a white skirt.

By the way, my followers on Instagram chose her name.

I chose her about 4 years ago.

She is actually the reason I decided to go bold with my blue velvet chairs in our living room.

Anyway, before I placed Penelope at the top of tree, I added 3 turquoise and gold bows around the top of the tree as her nest.

Then, because she is so high in the air and I didn’t want her to disappear, I lit her from the bottom.

I did this by running a 20 foot lamp cord with a 60 watt LED bulb up the center of the tree.

light bulb for tree topper - J Dub By Design

Then, I placed her on top of the bulb and the bows around her served as her nest.

peacock tree topper - J Dub By Design

Because the bulb is LED, she does not get hot and there is no danger of burning down our home.

Then, I added different types of gold and turquoise picks throughout her ribbon nest to add dimension and depth to her nest.

tree topper with floral picks - J Dub By Design


After I completed the tree topper, I moved onto the ribbon.

I do not use expensive ribbon.

Instead I used two different types of inexpensive gold wired ribbon.

ribbon for Christmas tree - J Dub By Design™

Each roll of this ribbon is 30 yards.

Using 3 rolls of each gold pattern, I loosely draped the ribbon throughout the tree.

Instead of working around the tree, I like to work my way down in a zig zag manner.

I also rolled up the end of the ribbon when I made a cut.

Then, I pull the ribbon out from the center of the roll to create a swirl.

I did this throughout the tree.

Adding the ribbon in this manner helps fill in the gaps if you do not have enough ornaments to cover the tree.

ribbon on Christmas tree - J Dub By Design

Floral Picks

To create even more demension and drama, I then added more gold picks throughout the tree.

floral picks for Christmas tree decorating - J Dub By Design

I placed these different floral stems all over the tree in random areas without sticking to any type of pattern.

This creates even more visual interest for the eye.

And, because the ribbon, florals, and tree topper add so much dimension and interest, I could have stopped here.

Christmas tree at night - J Dub By Design

But………….I didn’t.


As I mentioned earlier, most of my ornaments are mercury glass.

I do collect Christopher Radko ornaments, but my tree is not exclusively Radko ornaments.

I mix in inexpensive, whimsical ornaments and my ornaments that have personal meaning.

Here is the first Radko I received as a gift back in 1995.

Christopher Radko ornament - J Dub By Design

I also have collected mercury glass ornaments for the kids. So, when they start their families, they will have ornaments for their trees.

Curious George as an adorable example.

Curious George mercury Glass ornament - J Dub By Design

I went to LSU, so of course, we have to have a Tiger. Stinkerbelle is now at LSU so I will pass this guy down to her.

LSU tiger ornament - J Dub By Design

Many years ago, I managed my father’s Ace Hardware.

I went to market for him in Dallas, Texas.

I ordered this ornament when everyone thought the world was going to end on December 31, 1999.

Happy New Millennium Ornament - J Dub By Design

Here are some mercury glass ornaments that always make me smile. These are Slavic Treasures that I found in late 2001.

David calls them my dork deer.


Dasher mercury glass ornament - J Dub By Design

Dasher mercury glass ornament - J Dub By Design

prancer ornament - J Dub By Design

Cupid mercury glass ornament - J Dub By Design

Cupid Mercury Glass Ornament - J Dub By Design

Cupid mercury glass ornament - J Dub By Design

Donner Mercury Glass Ornament - J Dub By Design

Blitzen Mercury Glass Ornament - J Dub By Design

Back to the Radkos…..

Here’s a cutie with a nod to Texas.

Texas Santa ornament - J Dub By Design

Here are some Radko’s I found on sale for a limited time!

And, finally the ornament that means the most to me.

It is the first ornament I pull out of the box. It is the last ornament I hang on our tree every year.

And, I always hang it front and center.

Alton's Ornament - J Dub By Design

My brother, Alton, needle pointed this ornament when he was a little boy.

He passed away from terminal cancer when he was just 36 years old.

You can read more about my brother here.

Christmas Tree Skirt

Every Christmas tree needs a Christmas tree skirt.

This year, I did something completely out of character for me.

I sewed something for myself.

Before I started my blog, I used to own my own custom drapery and bedding company.

I was fortunate enough to work with high end customers all over the country.

But, I was also burned out from the long hours of owning my own business and being a single mom.

After I shut the doors 7 years ago, I swore I would never sew another stitch.

Burned out is an understatement.

But as is usually the case, time heals all wounds. LOL!

And, so I found myself itching to create again.

So, I made myself a giant 110 inch diameter tree skirt with gorgeous trim to match Penelope.

How to Decorate Christmas Tree with large tree skirt - J Dub By Design™
Christmas tree skirt with trim - J Dub By Design™

I even made an 80 inch diameter version for one lucky Instagram follower during my December giveaway.

Nothing like jumping back in with both feet!

The Presents

And, finally…….the icing on the cake.


Christmas presents under the tree - J Dub By Design™

I love that the tree skirt is so large in diameter, that it does not disappear under the presents.

And, that’s a wrap on How To Decorate A Christmas Tree J Dub’s Way.

Make sure to drop me a comment and tell me the special ways you decorate your Christmas tree.

And make sure to pin the image below for later!

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree - J Dub By Design™
This was my tree in 2020.
12 foot artificial Christmas tree in a living room surrounded by presents and a rocking horse - J Dub By Design™
This is my tree this year!
an antique rocking horse in front of a mercury glass filled Christmas tree - J Dub By Design™
I added our wooden rocking horse covered in red poinsettias and jingle bells.
12 foot artificial Christmas tree lit up at night with a rocking horse in front - J Dub By Design™
A magical nighttime view!

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.

Bring on 2022!


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