I discovered how to blow out an egg many, many years ago.

Crafts and spring projects were a big a deal when my kiddos were Easter bunny believers.

I also have a son whose birthday falls around Easter.

So, I was always on the lookout for birthday crafts and party favors that fit the spring theme for his birthday.

My method is quick and effective.

AND, keeps the mess to a minimum.


sharp pin or needle


wooden skewer

glass or cup to put egg contents

spoon or tool to tap skewer



  1. Leaving egg in carton, gently pierce the top of the egg with the pin to make a small hole.
  2. Place the skewer (pointed side down) into that hole.
  3. Gently tap the top of the skewer with the back of the spoon.
  4. Once the skewer is inside the egg, slide the skewer down until you reach the bottom of the egg.
  5. Pierce the bottom with the skewer point. You will be able to feel the egg carton underneath the egg with the skewer.
  6. Gently move the skewer back and forth to pierce the yolk.
  7. Remove the skewer.
  8. Holding the egg in one hand, and the straw in the other, place the over the glass or cup.
  9. Making sure the straw over the hole, blow through the straw into the hole in the egg until all of the contents fall into the glass.
  10. Rinse the egg with cool water.
  11. Using the straw, blow any remaining water out of the egg into the sink.
  12. Set the egg aside to dry.
  13. Repeat with remaining eggs.

Photos of the Process

How to Blow Out an Egg - J Dub By Design™
Tools needed
How to Blow Out an Egg - J Dub By Design™
Pierce the egg with pin.
How to Blow Out an Egg - J Dub By Design™
Place skewer in pin hole.
How to Blow Out an Egg - J Dub By Design™
Tap on skewer with back of spoon.
How to Blow Out an Egg - J Dub By Design™
Pierce the bottom of the egg with skewer and break up yolk.
How to Blow Out an Egg - J Dub By Design™
Place straw over hole and blow egg contents into glass.
How to Blow Out an Egg - J Dub By Design™
Rinse the egg under cold water and blow out any remaining water.
How to Blow Out an Egg - J Dub By Design™
Allow the eggs to air dry before using in DIY’s.

I am able to blow out 18 eggs in approximately 10 minutes.

I have never shattered one while I am blowing them out.

Leaving the egg in the carton while you pierce the egg is the secret to keeping the egg intact.

The carton gives your fragile egg some support while you are working with it.

It also keeps the potential mess confined.

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