Jennifer Williams in denim shorts and Bohemian top - J Dub by Design

Why J Dub By Design™?

So you want to know about me?  My name is Jennifer Williams – aka J Dub.  Although my nickname may give you the impression that I am an aspiring, but unlikely, rapper, that is definitely not the case.

How It All Came About….

We all have that one friend or two who like to shorten our names or give us a nickname that they think suits us better.  Many, many moons ago, a friend shortened mine.  Every time I heard the name J Dub called my way, it made me smile. I felt super cool and special, like, maybe I was a rapper in another lifetime.  And then…… life happened and the painful divorce followed.

I struggled to find my identity and find my place in life. I was no longer a wife, so who was I? Looking back, that time was one of the hardest I had ever experienced, and a great deal of that trauma was self-inflicted.

My “New” Old Name

After my divorce was final, another close friend suggested that I go back to my maiden name. I thought that was a grand idea. Once I recovered from the traumatizing, unbelievable, and unnecessary amount of red tape in changing my drivers’s license, social security card, passport, etc, I began to enjoy my “new” old identity as Jennifer Holmes.  As a single mom, I realized one of my dreams of running my very own drapery and bedding workroom. I created, sewed, and installed window treatments and bedding for clients all over the country. Life was good and I was successful. I had found my new place in life.

God’s Sense of Humor

I soon discovered that God has a wicked sense of humor and obviously had some unique plans for me and my future. He then dropped the most wonderful man into my life nearly 10 years ago. And guess what! His name is David Williams. The rest is history.  And, yes, I went back through that ridiculous process of changing my name all over again.

I am now on to my next adventure.  J Dub By Design is just that – an adventure. This site is dedicated to who I am meant to be and everything I love – God approved.  Isn’t that precious?  LOL….Keep reading, there’s more.

Why “The Bitch Without Boundaries™“?

My Tagline

I cannot take credit for my hilarious, somewhat in your face, but also accurate tagline.  That credit goes to my better half, the love of my life.  David, more than anyone, knows I am an extremely hard headed, head strong, highly opinionated Southern girl.  I am that girl who loves hard and wants to accomplish and create many, many things. I refuse to stay in one lane.

My Divine Weirdness

For a long time I tried to be what others thought I needed to be.  I was so unauthentic and miserable, I seriously wondered if I would end up wearing a straight jacket sitting in a padded cell.  Now, I embrace my divine weirdness whole-heartedly.  I also love to say “ I don’t give a shit” (this is not anything new) when I run into the doubters who like to label me.  However, what is different at this point in my life is that I can now move on from the labelers with a lot less self doubt.  BUT, life still loves to amaze me with its occasional ability to introduce me to a WTF moment I didn’t see coming…..This keeps me on my toes and grateful for every single beautiful day I have on this earth.

Another Cool Fact About Me

Another neat fact is that David has no idea who he’s waking up to each and every lovely day.  It could be the avid gardener, his biker chick, his home chef, the fashionista who may prefer boxers for the entire day, the crazy chicken lady, the tennis guru who can spot a foot fault a mile away, the domestic designer, the craft junkie who can turn several rooms upside down in a matter of minutes, the pretend veterinarian, the pensive writer willing to make friends with her past, the argumentative, literal law professor determined to right a wrong, or the moodiest, most foul mouthed chic he’s ever known.  He may even see all those weirdos in one day….

Here’s to hoping you find something somewhere in here that gives you a laugh, sends you down memory lane, brings a few tears because you can relate, gives you a jolt, makes you hungry, finds you smiling, causes you to ponder, allows you to talk passionately to your houseplants, encourages you to be nicer to yourself, gives you some encouragement to try something you always wanted to do/wear/say but haven’t yet for whatever reason, or just sends you in search of your glue gun.


Olivia The Pig is my spirit animal.  I have never loved a fictional book character more than her precocious self and I am so blessed to have found her books that were intended to entertain my baby daughter so many years ago.  “Dream Big” is my personal favorite and may just be her best book EVER.


This new adventure is dedicated to my kids…..ALL four of you.  Don’t ever let anyone make you feel inadequate or not good enough.  You ALWAYS deserve the support and happiness of the ones that matter in your life.  People may come and go in your life.  Regardless, continue to strive to live your best life and always be willing to become a better, more authentic version of yourself… matter what life throws at you.  Life will not always be fair, and it’s not supposed to be.  You are here to grow and grow and grow.

You may also find yourself standing alone when you are standing up for something you know is right.  Stand up anyway.  No matter what, do not allow difficult circumstances to fill you with bitterness.  I promise you the universe is full of abundance and is waiting patiently for you to enjoy it beyond measure.  I learned all these things the hard way, but if you can keep these things in mind along the way, you will be miles ahead of the game.  Finally, as long as I am here on this earth, I will ALWAYS have your back….. and, yes, sometimes it may seem that I am not in your corner.  But, I will never “sit this one out”.  It goes without saying, but I am going to say it anyway…….. I love you more than you will ever know.

So, now that you know a little bit about me, come on in……there’s way more good stuff inside.