Today, I am going to show you an easy DIY to make your very own handmade tassels.

You can easily create your very own masterpiece tassels to match the decor all around your home.

Use these handmade cuties in garlands or even tied on furniture to create a unique and personal look in your home.

Supplies For Tassel DIY

  • yarn ( I used Yarn Bee Fleece Lite, color quartz for this project)
  • scissors
  • book (choose a book with measurements based on the tassel length you want to achieve
  • trashcan

Steps To Create The Tassel

First, select a book that is the approximate measurement you want your tassel to be in length when it is complete.

Then, using the open side of the book, place the yarn in the side slot of the book.

book with yarn - J Dub By Design

Cut the piece about 12-15″.

cutting yarn - J Dub By Design

After you make sure the yarn piece is secure on the book pages, begin wrapping the yarn around the book, enclosing the 12-15″ piece of yarn you cut.

wrapping yarn around book - J Dub By Design

Continue wrapping the yarn onto itself approximately 50 times.

You may want to wrap the yarn around the book more or less times depending on the thickness of the yarn you choose.

wrapping yarn around book 50 times - J Dub By Design

Once you have wrapped the yarn on to itself 50 times, bring the ends of the piece together you cut in the first step.

tying tassel off - J Dub By Design

Tie a basic double knot at the top of the yarn loops.

tying a double knot - J Dub By Design

After tying a double knot at the top, slide the yarn off the book.

Make sure to keep the two ends of the knot separate from the rest of the yarn.

sliding yarn off book - J Dub By Design

You now have 50 loops with two end pieces.

loops of yarn for DIY Tassel - J Dub By Design

Now, cut the loops in half to separate the pieces.

cutting yarn loop in half - J Dub By Design

Next, lay the tassel on your work surface, and place the two end pieces away from the rest of the yarn.

Cut another piece of yarn approximately 12-15″ in length.

cutting yarn piece for top of tassel - J Dub By Design

Approximatley 2″ down the tassel, place the yarn you just cut underneath the tassel.

Tie a double knot to secure the top, and allow the ends of this yarn to become part of the tassel.

bring ends of tassel top together to form a knot - J Dub By Design

Turn the tassel upside down.

Now, using scissors, trim the ends of the tassel to even them up.

Clean up is easier if you do this while standing over a trashcan.

trimming the ends of the tassel - J Dub By Design

Styling Your Tassels

Your tassel is complete!

Now, it is time to style your creations all around your home.

Here are some I made for a dried fruit garland.

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DIY Dried Orange Garland - J Dub By Design™

DIY Footed Tray - J Dub By Design™

Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think of my method for this tassel DIY.

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