You will not believe how easy this DIY faux orchid arrangement is to create.

Retail orchid arrangements are unbelievably expensive.

I created this DIY orchid centerpiece using materials I already had on hand.

Large faux orchid arrangement sitting on coffee table - J Dub By Design™
My faux orchid arrangement sitting on my coffee table in the living room.

And, it is stunning in my opinion.

It also rivals any arrangement around that I have seen priced at $500 and up.

For the base of my arrangement, I used a round concrete bowl.

You can use any type of vessel you want – a footed glass bowl, a wooden dough bowl….

All you need is something deep enough to hold the bubble wrap that surrounds the orchids and dried grass bundle.

I used to faux orchids, but this will depend on the size of your vessel.

For the base of the arrangement, I chose to use real air plants. I wanted to give the effect that the arrangement is not faux, but in fact, live orchids growing out of the moss.

However, faux air plants would work just as well.

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2 faux orchids

bubble wrap

packing tape

hot glue gun

glue sticks

air plants

twigs, curly willow, and dried grasses


a vessel

Directions to Re-Create This DIY Faux Orchid Arrangement

  1. I removed my faux orchids from their decorative pots. That is up to you.
  2. Then, I hot glued them to the center of my bowl. I arranged the orchids so that the blooms were going out towards the edges of the bowl.
  3. Then I grouped the grasses and twigs into one bundle and secured it with twine.
  4. I placed a giant blob of hot glue in the concrete bowl and placed the base of the twig bundle on the glue. If your stems are even at the bottom, the bundle should remain standing relatively easy once the glue has dried.
  5. Next, I cut various squares of bubble wrap and wrapped it on itself. I secured the balls with packing tape.
  6. Then I folded another piece of tape on itself so that the sticky side faced outward and placed it on the bubble wrap balls.
  7. I placed the tape side to the orchids and to other bubble wrap balls so that they would remain in place.
  8. I filled the base of my bowl with bubble wrap until I could no longer see the styrofoam base of the orchids.
  9. Next, I hot glued large pieces of moss over the bubble wrap.
  10. I started around the orchids and worked my way around the bowl.
  11. After I had covered the center of the arrangement in moss, I worked around the sides and lip of the bowl making sure that all bubble wrap was covered.
  12. I removed the glue strings and set my orchid where it would be displayed.
  13. Finally, I placed three live air plants around the orchid to fill in the blank space at the base of th arrangement.

Now, I have the perfect statement piece to enjoy through spring.

I hope you will be on the lookout for faux orchids so that you can re-create this amazingly easy DIY faux orchid arrangement.

Photos of the Process

the concrete bowl that will serve as the base for the faux orchid arrangement - J Dub By Design™
Begin by hot gluing one orchid to the center of the bowl.
hot gluing orchids into bowl - J Dub By Design™
Do the same thing with the second orchid.
wrapping the dried leaves and twigs with twine - J Dub By Design™
Wrap the twigs and dried leaves with twine at the base.
gluing two orchids into the bowl - J Dub By Design™
Place a large amount of hot glue on the bowl and glue the twig bundle in place.
a bubble wrap ball to support the orchids - J Dub By Design™
Wrap bubble wrap on itself and secure with packing tape.
bubble wrap balls around the orchids - J Dub By Design™
Before placing the balls in the bowl, add another piece of packing tape to the outside so that the balls will stick to each other and remain in place.
placing bubble wrap balls around the faux orchids - J Dub By Design™
The bubble wrap balls will stack on top of one another and cover the base of the orchids.
Placing moss in orchid arrangement - J Dub By Design™
Place large sheets of moss over the bubble wrap, hot gluing in place.
the moss around the faux orchid arrangement - J Dub By Design™
I worked on the top first and then finished with the sides.

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Large faux orchid arrangement sitting on coffee table - J Dub By Design™
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