This DIY Fall Table-scape Using Wood Remnants is fun, easy, and most of all, unique.

I have had those two slices of wood in my possession since David and I got married 7 years ago.

Those wood pieces served as the base for flower arrangements at our wedding reception.

After the reception was over, I got busy and forgot about them.

I left the wood remnants outside in an unsheltered location so that bark around them eventually fell off.

But, I always knew I would come up with a plan to re-use them.

And, this was the year.

My wood stumps are 6 inches in diameter and 8-10 inches thick.

You can use whatever size you want.

The best part about this table-scape is that I encourage you to use what you have.

Create your own masterpiece by adding in your own garland and china.

I did not purchase anything to design this table-scape.

I already had everything on hand.

That is the best part about this particular table-scape.

Use what you have and make it your own!

Supplies Needed

Wood stumps (logs, remnants) whatever size you like.


Drill bit

Dried florals (HEB always has a great selection in their floral department)

Various dried grasses (I used dyed pampas and miscanthus ornamental grass from my own rock gardens)

Assorted pumpkins

Battery powered lights

Garland – mine is rose quartz garland that I have had for years.

Mercury glass votives


Antlers – the ones I used are metal, but other real and faux deer sheds work just as well

Dishes – in my stash for years



Dried Eucalyptus sprigs (I bought those stems fresh from HEB a few months ago, and then once I was done with my arrangement, allowed the stems to dry naturally to add to my cloth napkins.


  1. Drill small holes into the wood remnants using a drill bit similar in size to the size of the stems you will be using. If your hole gets to big, you can always stick several stems into one hole together.
  2. Add in your stems and to create the look you want. I used ruscus, yarrow, pampas grass, miscanthus grass, ruscus, bunny tail grass, blue Eucalyptus, and silver dollar Eucalyptus in my arrangement.
  3. For this particular table-scape, I made the arrangement very loose and airy so that you can see through it from across the table.
  4. Next, I layered in some glass pumpkins. These particular pumpkins are glass, but again, use what you have.
  5. Then I laid in the garland and antler horns down the sides of my table.
  6. I also added in some small mercury glass votives to create even more dimension and provide some light in the evening.
  7. My last addition to the arrangement was a set of battery powered twinkle lights. I hid the battery pack behind a pumpkin.
  8. For the dishes, I used two different chargers (a square black rattan that works perfectly with the chairs and a round wood disc that tied into my centerpiece).
  9. I stacked in a masculine chocolate crocodile patterned dinner plate and layered a pumpkin salad plate on top of the chargers.
  10. Then I placed folded linen napkins with a sprig of dried silver dollar eucalyptus and antler silverware on top of the pumpkin plate.
  11. I used some green tinted glass goblets for the drinks.
  12. And, finally for a touch of whimsy, I added in a tartan plaid napkin folded into the shape of a pumpkin to the rim of the glass.

Photos of Process

drilling small holes in wood stumps for dried florals - J Dub By Design™
Using a drill and small drill bit, drill holes into the wood about 2 inches deep.
Arranging dried florals in wood remnants - J Dub By Design™
Place florals into the holes.
Dried florals in wood stump remnants for a table-scape - J Dub By Design™
I used a combination of dried grasses, eucalyptus, and yarrow.
pumpkins nestled into the sides of the dired floral arrangement - J Dub By Design™
Add in some pumpkins around the base of the wood.
using metal deer antlers down the sides of the tablescape - J Dub By Design™
I filled in with more rustic elements and used some gold deer antlers and garland.
using mercury glass votives down the side of the table-scape - J Dub By Design™
I also added in some mercury glass votives.
stringing battery powered lights throughout the fall table-scape - J Dub By Design™
Then I added in one set of battery operated twinkle lights.
setting a fall tablescape - J Dub By Design™
For the table settings, I stacked two chargers on top of one another.
adding dried silver dollar eucalyptus to cloth napkins and silverware - J Dub By Design™
Then I added a dark rimmed dinner plate and topped it with a pumpkin salad plate.
another view of the pumpkin napkin fold with the cinnamon stick stem - J Dub By Design™
I also used a plaid napkin folded into the shape of a pumpkin tucked into the stemware.
fall place setting for outdoor table-scape - J Dub By Design™
Finally, I placed a sprig of dried eucalyptus in the napkins that hold the antler silverware.

This DIY table-scape using wood remnants could not be easier to create.

We have lovely cool evenings here in the Texas Hill Country.

So, I created mine outside in our courtyard.

But, this table-scape will work just was well indoors.

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overhead view of the fall tablescape - J Dub By Design™
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overhead view of the fall dishes used in the tablescape - J Dub By Design™
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glass pumpkins used in the fall tablescape with wood stumps and dried florals - J Dub By Design™
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If you want details on the pumpkin napkin fold, I am working on a blog tutorial.

But, I have a video of the entire tutorial saved in my Instagram highlights to show you step by step how to create this easy napkin fold.

I also have some tips on how to create that mercury glass look in two simple steps using your own clear glass.

For those curious about my table and chairs, they didn’t always look like this.

The entire set went through a major transformation this past spring.

You can read all about the transformation here.

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