My DIY Aged Pot Tutorial using dirt and spray paint is going to be your new best friend.

Have you ever seen a really cool pot or vase, but hated the hideous paint job?

Well, this DIY is just for you.

You will be able to change ANY dated pot or vase into something cool and up-to-date. Most of all……..unique.

You can do this DIY on any piece you can get your hands on, and no two will ever look exactly alike.

You can also get a different look depending on the dirt you choose.

For example, I am using caliche for my pot. This dirt is a white and extremely fine powder. I hate it on our roads because my car is NEVER clean.

I LOVE this dirt on a pot.

Caliche dirt road base - J Dub By Design
Caliche powder on our roads. The llamas had just walked through it heading to the lake.

I used a pot I found for a steal at my local grocery.

DIY Aged Flower Pot - J Dub By Design
The pot I found in the garden center at HEB

I do not think this pot is hideous. But, when I spotted it in the garden section, I knew I could make it even more fabulous using this DIY!

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  • A pot or vase
  • spray paint ( I have used both Rustoleum Painters Touch in Satin and Krylon Matte Black). Once you rub dirt into the paint, it takes the sheen out so it really doesnt matter
  • Dirt (I used caliche road base from the ranch roads)
  • A cup
  • A cloth
  • Gloves (if you want to protect your manicure while painting and slapping on dirt)
  • Disposable spoon
  • Water
DIY Aged Flower Pot - J Dub By Design
1. Paint your pot with paint.
DIY Aged Flower Pot - J Dub By Design
2. Mix the dirt with water.
DIY Aged Flower Pot - J Dub By Design
3. Using gloves, wipe the dirt onto the pot.
DIY Aged Flower Pot - J Dub By Design
4. Allow the mud to dry on the pot.
Wiping dirt off pot - J Dub By Design
5. Wipe the dried mud off the pot.
DIY Aged Pot Tutoria - J Dub By Design
6. Admire your work.


  1. First, move your pot/vase to a well ventilated area and place it on a towel or piece of cardboard.
  2. After shaking the spray paint really well, spray your piece completely, being careful to avoid any runs or drips down the pot. (If you do get a run, just wipe it off with a cloth or paper towel so it doesn’t not dry on the pot.)
  3. Your pot should dry very quickly. Almost immediately, you will be able to apply a second coat if necessary to make sure the spray paint covers the piece completely.
  4. While the pot is drying, pour your dirt in a bowl or cup.
  5. I used approximately 1 cup of caliche road base (but this will depend on the size of your piece.)
  6. Then, add water to your dirt to achieve a soupy consistency. (I added approximately 1/2 cup of water to my mix.)
  7. Using the disposable spoon, mix the water in with the dirt.
  8. Begin applying this mix to the pot/vase.
  9. Depending on how soupy your mix is, the mix might run off the pot as it is drying. That’s okay.
  10. Next, cover the pot completely with the “dirt soup”.
  11. Allow the pot to dry. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour. I let mine dry overnight because I had errands to run.
  12. Once the dirt has dried completely on the pot, use a cloth to gently wipe off the dirt.
  13. Voila! You now have your very own original (gorgeous) architectural element for your home.
DIY Aged Flower Pot - J Dub By Design
I placed my pot in our living room and made an arrangement using fall dried florals.


  1. As I mentioned earlier, I used caliche dirt on this DIY aged pot. You do not need caliche. You can get a similar finish using dirt from your flower beds or garden. Experiment away.
  2. I have also used this finish on two lamps, and they turned out beautifully. Photos will be coming soon.
  3. You can find great objects to slap some dirt on by looking at garage sales, thrift stores, and even the Dollar Store.
  4. The next time I use this finish, I will try out white. So, don’t be afraid to go with something other than black!
  5. If you are going to display your pot outside in the elements, I would spray it with a sealer.

Please drop me a comment to let me know what you think of my DIY Aged Pot Tutorial. I want to hear all about your new and improved architectural gems.

Pin For Later!

Pin For Later!

A Larger Pot

Heres a massive pot I just re-did using this method.

My goal is to plant my massive fiddle leaf in this pot so that she won’t keep falling over.

a large flower pot sitting on flagstone - J Dub By Design™
DIY Aged Pot - J Dub By Design™
After……You can not mess these pots up.

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