With my Christmas candle wrap DIY, you can make unique and fun candles for any area of your home all year long.

Any decorative napkin will work.

And, tissue paper works extremely well too.

You can even apply this technique to colored candles using metallic tissue paper.

Also, if you have white candles that have stain marks from coming in contact with colored wax, with my Christmas candle wrap DIY, you can easily cover that area.

Just follow the simple steps below!

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Napkins/tissue paper of your choice

wax paper

blow dryer/heat gun


  1. If you are using a napkin, remove all layers but the one with the decorative piece you will be using. With tissue paper, you can skip this step.
  2. Cut around the shape you will be transferring to the candle.
  3. Place the shape on the candle.
  4. While holding the decorative piece, place a piece of wax paper over the design.
  5. Using the heat gun or blow dryer on low, gradually move around the design, melting the design into the wax.
  6. I start with the candle on its side, then once the design starts to adhere, I turn the candle vertical and finish the process.
  7. You will know it is working when you see the design become shiny.
  8. If you get some bubbles within the design on the candle, use the flat slide of your scissors to smooth it out.
  9. Allow the candle to cool.
  10. Once cool, gently peel away the wax paper.
  11. Style your candle and ENJOY!


  1. I recommend using the heat gun and the blow dryer on low. If you turn them to high, the candle will start to melt very quickly.
  2. For colored candles, metallic tissue paper works best. If you use a paper napkin, the colored candle wax will bleed through and change your design.

Photos of Process

supplies needed for Christmas candle wrap - J Dub By Design™
Lay out your supplies.
blow dryer and napkins needed for Christmas Candle wrap DIY - J Dub By Design™
You can either use a blow dryer or a heat gun.
a napkin that will be used to transfer to a candle - J Dub By Design™
If your napkin has several layers, remove all layers. You will only be using the decorative piece.
cutting Santa design out of a napking - J Dub By Design™
Trim closely around your design.
Santa design has been cut out - J Dub By Design™
I chose this Santa, but you can use any design you want.
placing wax paper on the Santa napkin for Christmas Candle Wrap DIY - J Dub By Design™
Place a piece of wax paper over your design. It needs to be big enough to cover the entire design.
heating wax paper with heat gun - J Dub By Design™
Using the heat gun on low, move it over the design slowly.
gluing a Santa face to a candle - J Dub By Design™
Once the design starts to adhere, you can turn the candle vertical to finish melting the napkin into the wax.
peeling back the wax paper from my design - J Dub By Design™
Allow the candle to cool and then gently peel away the wax paper.

Have fun styling these candles all around your home.

Please drop me a comment and let me know what you think of my Christmas Candle Wrap DIY! Enjoy.

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Santa candle in lantern with festive terra cotta pots, ornaments, and greenery on the side - J Dub By Design™
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festive hand towels and a lantern with a custom design give a festive look to this powder bath - J Dub By Design™
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